Conquer online private server

Beginners' Guide To Return Conquer

The opening date was launched Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Getting to Level 140

The first Level 135 is easy. Head to the EXPLevel NPC in TwinCity to get yourself leveled to 135 for free.

To get to Level 140, simply collect enough PowerEXPBall to gain your level. They are dropped from Bosses!


Every round of TeasureThief Event should give you enough CP to play the lotto via the LadyLuck in market for about an hour or so. Buy the SmallLotteryTicket at 27 cps and start playing with your luck!

Getting rare and precious items like garment, stone packs, +1, +2 ,+3 ,+4 ,+5 ,+6 stones, items, Steeds is never a hunting effort. When you are lucky enough you may even land on +4, +5 ,+6 gears! Did you notice too? THere is a DBs for 215 cps for you to buy as well. This can help you greatly in perfecting your gears!


Souls and Refinery Materials can be found in all bosses. Collect DragonSoul Bags from bosses to get your souls. You can also exchange for higher tier ones in the market as well. However, the ultimate is dropped only in one boss. stone plus, Meteor Scroll, PowerEXPBall (10%), DragonBall!





best in CP hunting happening at every all time from Mining in TwinCity. got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, CP !


A good collector of CP can get 20,000+ CP daily, even when you are not fully-geared. CP can be farmed through archers of course, but treasure hunt is the best in CP hunting happening at every all time. !


Wars every day and every hour is very good, through which you can collect very large treasures at every all time. !